The owner of is ContractOK OÜ (registry code 14741059), registered office at Tallinn, Maakri tn 19/1, 10145.


Service description

  1. On the basis of these Terms and Conditions, ContractOK shall provide the Client with a legal analysis service in accordance with the instructions given and documents submitted by the Client (hereinafter also referred to as: analysis, legal analysis, legal service).
  2. The purpose of legal analysis is to help the Client to understand the essential points of the contract by providing them with comments explaining the contract submitted. In the course of legal analysis, the Client’s attention is drawn to the rights/obligations arising from applicable law. With the help of comments and explanations, the Client can modify and improve their contract and feel more confident about their contract.
  3. Legal analysis is performed with the help of one or more lawyers.
  4. ContractOK shall send newsletters and offers to the client’s e-mail address only if the client has expressed their wish to receive them by entering their e-mail address on the website, and indicated their wish to receive direct mail notifications. The client may opt out of receiving offers and newsletters to their e-mail address at any time by sending us an e-mail notice or following the instructions in the e-mail containing the offers.

Placing an order and price information

  1. ContractOK provides legal analysis services to clients by e-mail. Legal analysis is performed through correspondence. ContractOK’s lawyer will respond to the Client’s request for an analysis of the Contract (hereinafter referred to as the Task) by sending a response to the Client’s e-mail address no later than within 2 working days after the Client has paid the fee. As a result of legal analysis, the client will receive an overview (the length of the overview will depend on the scope of the contract and the terms and conditions of the contract) of the principal material terms and conditions of the contract submitted by the client for analysis, general observations/comments on the contract, which the client can use to incorporate the relevant amendments/modifications/improvements into the contract.
  2. ContractOK will provide the service to the Client only after the fee has been paid.
  3. The analysis price is determined by the length of the text, i.e. the number of characters, according to which one page of analysis contains 1800 characters, including spaces (characters include letters, numbers and punctuation marks). This figure corresponds to a standard typewritten page with 30 lines of text printed at 1.5 line spacing, each line containing 60 characters. Therefore, each page (1800 characters) costs €10 for a natural person and €30 for a legal person. All the above amounts are inclusive of VAT.
  4. If the submitted document is not legible and cannot be used for analysis, the funds will be returned to the client’s current account within 5 working days, whereas the cost of returning the funds to the client’s bank will be withheld from the funds.

Client’s obligations

  1. When providing legal analysis, the Client’s written instructions are followed where possible. The client is required to provide ContractOK with correct and complete information and documents related to the analysis. ContractOK has the right to request further explanations from the Client. ContractOK shall not be liable for any loss or damage resulting from the incompleteness or inaccuracy of information from the Client.
  2. The Client agrees to the submission of invoices and other information concerning the performance of the Contract in electronic form to the e-mail address entered by the Client.
  3. The Client undertakes to notify ContractOK of any change/mistake in their contact details or other relevant details. If the Client fails to notify ContractOK, the information sent to the contact details entered will be deemed to have been received by the Client.


  1. ContractOK and lawyers providing legal service are only liable for direct proprietary damage caused by gross or willful negligence. ContractOK is not liable for any loss of profit or non-patrimonial damage incurred. The liability of ContractOK and its lawyers for the performance of analysis is limited to the amount of the legal analysis fee paid or payable by the Client.
  2. In the provision of legal service, ContractOK’s lawyers/employees have the right to take all legal measures and actions necessary to fulfil the Task.
  3. At the time of performance of the task, ContractOK shall provide the legal analysis service on the basis of the current law of the Republic of Estonia, proceeding from the document received from the Client. Once the analysis has been performed, ContractOK has no obligation to amend or modify the analysis (including the document produced in the course of performing the analysis) in the event of a change in applicable law or judicial practice, the receipt of new information or otherwise.
  4. ContractOK has the right to refuse to perform an analysis if the Client:
    1. has violated any obligations arising from the General Terms and Conditions;
    2. is acting contrary to the lawyer’s instructions or otherwise expresses clearly that they do not wish to take or have not taken the lawyer’s advice, instructions, etc.;
    3. requires the lawyer to act in a way that is not in conformity with the law and/or good practice;
    4. fails to provide in a timely manner the documents and/or data necessary to provide legal analysis;
    5. gives instructions to the lawyer that damage the Client’s interests or are inappropriate for the performance of analysis;
    6. has not provided the documents required by ContractOK by the prescribed deadline, or the text of the document is illegible, or the document is in a language other than Estonian/English/Russian.
    7. ContractOK has the right to refuse to perform an analysis if a conflict of interests has/is likely to arise.
    8. ContractOK has the right to refuse to perform an analysis if payment for the service fails.

Right to submit complaints and resolution of disputes

  1. If no complaints are submitted within the deadline (within 5 working days), the analysis is deemed to be fully accepted by the Client and the performance of the Task is deemed to be accepted.
  2. Any complaints that the client has with regard to the service must be e-mailed to ContractOK shall respond to the Client’s complaint in writing or in a format that can be reproduced in writing within 15 days. The Client has the right to apply to the Consumer Disputes Committee for dispute resolution.
  3. The contract is governed by Estonian law. Efforts shall be made to settle all disputes arising from the contract by means of negotiations. If no agreement can be reached, disputes are settled in Harju County Court.